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Real Estate Agent

For REALTOR® Jason Hornback, happiness is having a close-knit family, spending time fishing or hunting in the great outdoors, watching his kids play baseball, and helping others attain their dream of owning that perfect spot for fishing, hunting, or just enjoying nature.

Jason began hunting and fishing with his Father and Grandfather as a young boy, and he’s been hooked on the outdoors ever since.

When they have free time, you’ll find the whole family, including their two dogs, out at a fishing or hunting camp. He and his wife, Paula, both believe in the value of fishing, hunting, and camping for teaching children respect for animals, sound ethics, conservation of nature, lawfulness, and most importantly, safety. They also know that this time in the woods creates a

strong bond between parents and children and makes memories that last a lifetime.

Because he’s a life-long resident as well as an avid outdoorsman, there are few wooded areas in Louisiana that Jason hasn’t explored – and none that he won’t explore in his effort to help a client find that perfect parcel of land. He loves meeting new people, creating lasting relationships, and sharing a client’s excitement when they find their dream property – be it five acres or fifteen thousand.

Before becoming a REALTOR®, Jason worked in family owned businesses that sold and leased oilfield equipment and services. His duties ranged from preparing quotations, to training and managing staff, to developing new clients, to providing customer service. Listening well and responding quickly were crucial to his success, both in the office and during his visits to the oilfields. He brings these habits, along with extensive financial and negotiation skills, to his real estate clients.

Because they have great admiration and respect for our military, Jason, his wife, and their two boys join with a local property owner to host a group of 5 or 6 Wounded Warriors for a weekend each fall. The property owner provides the camp, the food and entertainment. Jason and his family help entertain, and of course, they also take the Warriors hunting.

Whether you want to hunt, fish, or just own your own perfect camping spot, call on Jason Hornback. He’ll not only help you find exactly what you want and guide you through a smooth transaction, he’ll be there for you long after the sale is closed.